Thursday, March 12, 2009

what happened to alicia silverstone?

she didn't even last into the 2008ish trend of being "ASilv"-ed like robert pattinson and the like. anyway, i digress.

Let me start by saying that I LOVE Clueless (the film from 1995/6). I've seen it probably a billion times, and my love will never, ever, end. That being said, I think the one thing that always drew me to it (and maybe when I was in 6th grade I didn't realize this) was the culture of the mid-nineties it was set in. Satire or not, even beyond the characters, there are stereotypes dripping from the film. I had not yet hit high school, hadn't attempted to pass a driving test, and didn't know that the "Valley" was a city outside of LA thus prompting the crew to hit up the val party. So basically, I was unequipped to understand that I was right smack in the middle of the 1990s and was too young to really understand that decade that I admired so much from the movie. Sure, I could fashion my own black choker, and pretend that I knew old school Nirvana too (which I did pretend), but I could never understand the true meaning and social points that movie offered my older brethren. But maybe the reason why I'm so fascinated by that time is because I couldn't live in it. I couldn't live in it like I lived in 2002, or like I live in 2009. Is this where our fascination with past cultures comes from? I guess what I'm getting at is, if I "lived" (defined by growing up in) in the 1960s would I admire it any less?

sit on that bros.


  1. I BELIEVE in Clueless.

    Alicia just appeared in this month's Glamour Mag for her environmental activism (what that is exactly, I'm not sure) but she was celebrated along with 70 women who are doing good things for the environment. Check it out:

  2. Glad to hear i have an equally-as-enthusiastic-about-clueless gal out there.