Friday, October 18, 2013

it feels better biting down

i'm completely stuck in nostalgia zone. so happy, so proud of life, what i accomplished socially, if you can call it that, and now focusing on my career and my life direction and how i can fucking be cool to my future kid, and attempting to read books still, and not just the astrology books that tell me i'm a fucking psycho gemini.

if i'm really going to "upgrade" to a solid life, commitment, compromise and infrequent sex, what will I be passing up? my body, barely equipped to handle 2 glasses of wine isn't capable of 7am nights, celebrating the sunrise with band members, making the short drive down sunset boulevard to work, re-making my outfit to appear different.

is it possible to get over the cigarette-fueled braless nights of yore

free free free
am i?