Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Mystery Jets - Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis Cover)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

temperley autumn winter 09/10

-OFFICIAL- Temperley London's "Empress of the Orient" from Starworks Digital on Vimeo.

Digital Runway featuring Temperley London's Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection. To view Photos of the Collection, go to:

betsy walton

love betsy walton's work. the contrast of the colors that go neon to dark, and her attention to detail is amazing. If you stare at the pieces you notice so many layers and shapes and tiny thin lines.

check it out at

pretty red things

miumiu 09 by Mert and Marcus
and emily/zooey from not sure where

say hello to the next haircut.

i like this postcard for some reason

not that i've ever felt these feelings.

from post secret

Sunday, February 22, 2009

After actually watching the oscars, and for the most part, enjoying them, I've realized I need to see a few movies.
Rachel Getting Married, Slumdog Millionaire, The Wrestler - these have all been on my list, but now I will make the effort to see them this week. It's better use of my time than going out.

My alone-time anxieties have begun to flare up which means its time for operation make-myself-busy. this can easily be done with many movies and books I'm in the middle of reading.

Got this book:
and it's pretty much adorable and interesting. It has definitely given me some ideas for La Pisette.

Nothing much else to say, except that this song feel right.
Rogue Wave - Everyday (Buddy Holy Cover)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

models are so awkward but i love it

Purple #11 from Purple Magazine on Vimeo.

this must be the dress,

from the Halston video.


asics film

this is a big long, but the origami in desaturated colors is nice to look at.

Origami In the Pursuit of Perfection from MABONA ORIGAMI on Vimeo.

mko for interview magazine

Mary Kate Olsen Interview Magazine
Mary Kate Olsen Interview Magazine

The bleached white eyebrows and hair make her look unrecognizably elfin.

i will find a way to get these

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

no time to do a proper post but...

holy yellow crushed velvet, i'm in love.

marc f09

Monday, February 16, 2009

shoes @ band of outsiders

erin fetherston f09

Finally Erin! You gave us something we can wear! Erin Fetherston's eponymous line has remained on the radar for the past few years, (she has a Target capsule collection under her belt as well) but she seems to always skim the surface as far as cred goes. Not that her clothes aren't well-made or well-liked, it's just that, well, they aren't always the most wearable. And we aren't talking wearability in the way that Gareth Pugh isn't wearable - these weren't futuristic or avant-garde designs she threw at us - instead Erin offered baby doll dresses, BOWS! and FLOWERS! So many of these things that, well, I personally could neverjustify the price tags to look like a life-sized cupcake.

All bashing aside, this year, Erin has finally designed a collection that may still have bows, but this time they are on model's heads (where they belong). Reminiscent of Miu Miu 08 (remember the Kirsten Dunst ads) the color palette was predominently jewel toned (though not so harlequin), and not all of the doll was gone - the clothes were every bit as playful as Fetherston's previous collections. But this time, Erin's dolls went dark. The show transitioned from jewel-toned burgundy to black to light, and I preferred the darker looks to the metallic lilacs and cremes - they are just more loft-party, and less tea-party.

And maybe I lied, there were still plenty of bows, but they were easier to choke down this time paired with tiny quilted leather jackets and blood-stained lips. Overall, I think Ms. Fetherston redeemed herself from the unicorns-and-fairy fantasy wonderland she seems to exist in to offer a wearable, sexy, and luxe collection. Better start saving up for fall...

Erin Fetherston 09
Erin Fetherston 09
Erin Fetherston 09

Sunday, February 15, 2009

ruffian f09

For a design duo consisting of two men, Ruffian has produced an impressively ladylike collection for fall. A departure from the hippie-wear they presented last fall, the boys of Ruffian have clearly been inspired by the sexy secretary.

The collection offered tailored pieces and nipped waists, in satin, boucle, and reminiscent-but-not of Stefano Pilati's recent YSL collection, there was a lot of tailored gray cotton involved. Everything was lady-like-pretty, with high waisted pencil skirts, herringbone galore, and amazing long coats, with a few standout pieces including the black layered feather/hair skirt and a ruffle top/ruched bottom red dress that closed the show. Don't get me wrong, these clothes are not prudish, instead they feel thoroughly modern - there were shoulder-bearing jackets, and sheer body-suits placed under each and every outfit - worn both subtly under tanks, and sexily sans-top with bra-baring edge, it was the highlight of every look. I can see even the most hipster of downtown girls rocking these looks for a night out on the town.

The shoes were also equally as covetable as the clothes - it looks as though Louboutin provided the sky high kicks, that, in borderline stripper heights, offered a perfect juxtaposition to the prim and proper high-waisted pants and tidy skirts.

Check out the photos below - Oh and if you're in love with the red lipstick too, I hear it's being produced by MAC, aptly named Ruffian Red.

Ruffian 09
Ruffian 09
Ruffian 09
Ruffian 09
Ruffian 09

acne f09

After recently perusing the racks of Opening Ceremony, my eyes were opened to a label I knew but had not really had my eye on, Acne. The Swedish label best known for its denim, and most recently, its capsule collab with Lanvin, impressed me with its tailored party frocks and somewhat avant-garde sculptural pieces I ran my hands over on the racks. Nonetheless, I was now looking forward to seeing what Mr. Johnny Johansson would send down the runway this season in London.

Surprisingly, the tiny collection of dresses, shiny leggings, and a distressed leather vest, was overshadowed by the shoes - sky high platform wedges, reminsicent of two seasons ago Marni, were the highlight of the presentation. Geometric, and sometimes space age when shown in metallic silver and gold, it was all about the accessories for this writer.

Oh, and the clothes were nice too.

Acne 09
Acne 09

Acne 09

vena cava f09

For me, the new-ish label (and 2008 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund runners-up) Vena Cava is a line made for a hands-on graphic designer; the kind who still use trace paper to design logos, and who have a stash of colored contact paper from the old days when Saul Bass was making all of those Hitchcock posters we still love. Not in the sense that their pieces are particularly graphic, or bold, but in the sense that they are sort of DIY-looking (no, I don't like the term DIY either, but it fits). The slightly de-saturated color palette, and hand-drawn patterns speak to a person who appreciates color and form.

This go around the girls of Vena Cava seemed to take a different, (again) more refined route, pumping out 21 looks that not only lacked cohesiveness, but also lacked that fun handmade feel. I won't knock the presentation completely - it was successful for reasons outside of my expectations; it was more grown up, darker, and a new direction for the girls, but perhaps a transition that wasn't quite felt out. Come fall, when shopping Barney's, I'll be happy to mentally edit out most of these looks to scout out the few signature Vena Cava-ish pieces from this collection.

Vena Cava 09
Vena Cava 09

alex wang f09

Alex Wang, the perpetual "it" designer of the past few years, has come to Bryant Park (or rather Roseland Ballroom) this season with a more evolved collection - refined, yet still not without his token downtown-girl edge.

The presentation was filled with mostly black, somewhat matchy-matchy tailored pieces including a killer croc-embossed blazer, studded tuxedo pants, and deconstructed men's button-downs. That being said, he hasn't lost his edge. There were leather biker shorts in almost every look, bandage leggings, patent-leather-everything, and perfect party dresses that are sure to become every girl's staples for going out this fall.

Oh and the accessories. The looks were styled with shoes and bags of Wang's design, and they offered a punk edge that brought even the most refined of combinations back right down to Wang's signature style. Point-toe combat boots, both heeled and flat, pebbled leather studded bags, and simple belts pulled all of the looks together.

His luxe looks felt all at once simple, edgy, and over-the-top. And in this time of recession, when designers are expected to hold back, he certainly didn't. Perhaps he figured that twenty-somethings of the world might rather drop their bucks on a well-constructed blazer rather than a jersey AC-Slater-eqsue muscle tee a la SS09? Either way, I have one thing to say: you've done it again Mr. Wang.



valentine's day is just another day.

but with parties!

(still, being home alone feels a little bit lonelier)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

what a wonderful idea

halston's "presentation" featuring ernest hemingway's grand daughter running in an amazing yellow dress.

this video is so mesmerizing, so slow and rumbling, so beautiful, its just perfect.
what a way to revitalize a label.

so fucking timeless.

bridget bardot
she's so modern, these photos are so now.
pinky rings anyone?

kissing the beard goodbye.

ill miss it devendra, but i'm sure you can grow it back in no time.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

jil sander never ceases to impress me

i miss them.

these couples.
they were on my binders in 6th grade.

so much better than the polished celebs of now.

Monday, February 9, 2009

new prada menswear

photography by hedi slimane.

these boys (brothers) are the sons of the bass player from the clash. their classic looks make them appear less rock and roll and more ancient roman.

ysl platform pumps

I told myself that I would continue to buy basic shoes (meaning pumps, flats, etc) in solid colors from more affordable places because I am more likely to wear them out by frequent use. Therefore I decided that all nice, amazing, designer shoes I get have to be slightly crazy, slightly statement-y, but not too trendy, so that they really stand out when I wear them.

These are sort of a mix between classic and almost stripper-y modern, so I think these would count.

YSL 105mm Platform Pump, $795

Saturday, February 7, 2009

a new direction?

im now officially a sculptor. making shit.
my first attempt.

how rad would this be in matte gold on a ring?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

pretty face.

from neverdenim

i don't want to see the front/soles of these

the back looks just fine.
minimarket ss09

trying to track these down online...