Saturday, March 28, 2009

faith in my city.

Sometimes you meet people who just sort of change your perception of PEOPLE. Yes, people, in general. The charismatic types who let you enter their world for just a minute, whether you like it or not. I was lucky enough to have that experience tonight, and I'm sort of kicking myself for not feeling particularly social enough to take full advantage.

It's kind of like in Almost Famous when William enters the "rock star" world. I entered into a slightly less drug-filled, more water-bottle-filled after-party apres the Cold War Kids show at the Orpheum in downtown LA. I wanted to be there, to watch, to know them.

These "rockstars", most married, though certainly not lame, have a network of friendships that one can only hope to find in a city like los angeles, the same los angeles that I know to be filled with one night stands and faux reality; in contrast, these people were REAL. Women who include me in their inside jokes, feign interest in my job and touch my hair, and men who just want to make you laugh and make sure you get home safe and nothing else.

Not many details to divulge, but it certainly left a fresh taste in my mouth, one that I hope to keep there amongst the gin-and-tonic hazed nights I'm sure to experience more and more in this city I'm learning to love.

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