Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The Weeknd - Rolling Stone by The_Weeknd

Monday, May 23, 2011

My apartment seems to be turning against me. My neighbors suck, use my washer/dryer daily, tracking in leaves and dirt SOMEHOW, while leaving their disgusting hideous clothes laying around. Also I feel haunted by some sort of a 3D ghost, that circles over my bed at night. And finally, I've dropped and damaged TWO iphones in the past 24 hours in the same spot, as if that same ghost pushed the devices out of my hand. Regardless of if its my own idiot fault, I feel stifled here! Whenever the inspiration strikes, I am blocked in the physical realm.


John Frusciante - Forever Away

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Together we were unstoppable, peas in our own drunken abusive pod, and it felt safe. I grabbed another glass of Moet.

hello mister, pleased to meet ya

sometimes you perpetuate the feelings. the sadness, love and appetite-killing tickle in your chest that indicates a reaction.

flashes of lust afflict me all day long

i remember that we kissed. my mind returns to the hotel room, to that exact minute in our hazy film. i wanted you as my lover from that moment, and for so many more. you touched my face all over, said i had nice eyes and i believed you.

we're laying in the sleeping bag on that dirty old floor. its hot, but we want to be as close as two can get. i lie over you and you over me, telling you what i want, and you taking my not so subtle hints. i close my eyes and wish to stay there on the dustpiles all day long.

im in my fur ignoring the heat, you in my passenger seat. i have to say goodbye for the first time. you pulled me tight, kissed my lips taking the good route over the easy one. you were strong and i liked it.

bright sun and dark circles, i felt happy and selfish. my secret was that i hadn't felt that way in some time, so whenever it ended (it had to) i'd keep it close and warm. and now i am here with my mane, saturated and dripping with heavy handed pours of love and excited lust, forcing myself to return to the pale hue of real life. and you are there.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


one party of lost souls
aim of the night(every night)
was clouded consciousness
memory forging
altered states

corners where cameras
were blind to our
dirty deeds, we hid
stationary like sly little
foxes keen on an escape

slurred words
dripping with old memories
me dripping, then they dripping more
we gave away filter-less
precious moments preserved for
no one in particular

we choose to inauthentically
build our own night
as we saw fit
a bunch of phony control freaks
is all they were.
i got home and talked on the phone for a few hours and didn't smoke any cigarettes. Felt good to let go of the day and dumbitdown. saved my tweets, realized i haven't changed much, but a little more jaded. life seemed a bit more exciting two years ago. i feel sure i'll find that excitement again when summer comes for good.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I awoke with the most intense case of ambition and direction, partly due to an all-too-flattering message from an aquaintence. It's funny how our carefully curated public personas can give us a bit more je-ne-sais-quoi than we offer in real life. Nonetheless I wrote it off as a sweet coincidence and began my day on the floor. Scouring old notebooks proved to be not at all depressing and completely inspiring, as I collected my daily thoughts of yesteryear into a cohesive direction made for this moment. I refuse to divulge any details in this public forum, as I've become increasingly superstitious. Though I may lack in followers, my thoughts still contribute to the collective consciousness in some way or another, and I'll take what I can get in sheer privacy.

Good night, I'mabout to get drunk on wine and stoned in thought.

CLAMS CASINO - I'm God from kohnkepik on Vimeo.