Sunday, March 22, 2009

listen to this with the best stereo/headphones you can find

ray lamontagne used to be my ultimate fave. nowadays i might not so readily admit this, just like i don't think i would readily admit that perks of being a wallflower used to be my favorite book. something about the time i experienced these two things, differing in medium, but similar in emotion, ray lamontagne was my outlet, for the feelings i couldn't let myself feel yet. my foray into the downright dancy and new musical horizons has taken me elsewhere in current days, so i don't really go back to those moments anymore... maybe i was too young, and maybe it led me deeper in, but to avoid getting into it, his songs meant something. kind of like radiohead or black lipstick means something now. its a projection of emotion that i am all too willing to take on.

ray and i took a long break, but his new album made me crave a listen. its just what we all want to hear. 'cause you are the best thing. you, or a good solid cig on a cold night.

Ray LaMongtange - You Are The Best Thing

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  1. this whole post reminds me of that kind of drowzy feeling you have when you cry yourself to sleep. when you're so exhausted from trying to expunge your inner demons with tears, or with slow, sad music, or with the childlike pace of perks, or with the deep inhale of a smoke that steams off in the shower.

    its an intensely passive combat. i guess youre right in that we arent fighting these feelings at all. Its as if we just let those feelings subside over us and just lull us to sleep.

    ps- my self-indulgent, wallowing-in-your-sorrow crooner is still and always will be BRIGHT EYES took it there. omg- LUA