Thursday, April 2, 2009

common space.

I'm sort of perplexed, and feeling unnaturally in-my-head about this.

Good people. Common interests. Friends.

I feel the urge to observe right now. To observe people, to observe relationships, to observe conversations. I know how I act in any given situation. I know I'm self-deprecating, I know I can be sarcastic, I know I can be fucking shy and awkward, and occasionally, I can be funny. It's just, sometimes you want to just see how others approach conversation.

I went to Spaceland tonight, a venue in LA to see a few bands play, and apres-show, I wanted to talk to some of the (cute) band members. Sure, I had a few gin-and-tonics in me, and was feeling pretty chatty, but I asked my friend who was with me to back me. AKA I said, I might turn all fan girl, so come up with something witty to say, just in case i freeze. Of course, I could be pretty sure I wouldn't freeze up; it's pretty easy to chat up a band dude, but I was just SO intrigued by what this friend might offer to the conversation that I couldn't.

It's just so easy to have temporary conversation. So easy to make fun of someone's drink (a greyhound) or to claim to be an "early adopter" by living in grungy downtown. All warrant temporary laughs and possible inside jokes, but when does it become real? When does the conversation become real enough to be friendly? Like, FRIENDly.

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