Sunday, February 15, 2009

acne f09

After recently perusing the racks of Opening Ceremony, my eyes were opened to a label I knew but had not really had my eye on, Acne. The Swedish label best known for its denim, and most recently, its capsule collab with Lanvin, impressed me with its tailored party frocks and somewhat avant-garde sculptural pieces I ran my hands over on the racks. Nonetheless, I was now looking forward to seeing what Mr. Johnny Johansson would send down the runway this season in London.

Surprisingly, the tiny collection of dresses, shiny leggings, and a distressed leather vest, was overshadowed by the shoes - sky high platform wedges, reminsicent of two seasons ago Marni, were the highlight of the presentation. Geometric, and sometimes space age when shown in metallic silver and gold, it was all about the accessories for this writer.

Oh, and the clothes were nice too.

Acne 09
Acne 09

Acne 09

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