Friday, October 18, 2013

it feels better biting down

i'm completely stuck in nostalgia zone. so happy, so proud of life, what i accomplished socially, if you can call it that, and now focusing on my career and my life direction and how i can fucking be cool to my future kid, and attempting to read books still, and not just the astrology books that tell me i'm a fucking psycho gemini.

if i'm really going to "upgrade" to a solid life, commitment, compromise and infrequent sex, what will I be passing up? my body, barely equipped to handle 2 glasses of wine isn't capable of 7am nights, celebrating the sunrise with band members, making the short drive down sunset boulevard to work, re-making my outfit to appear different.

is it possible to get over the cigarette-fueled braless nights of yore

free free free
am i?


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  4. This was very interesting to read. It sounds as if you're attempting to put your life in the direction you want it to go! Good Luck!

  5. Hey....sounds like "direction" is where you are headed, congrats to YOU ... if you need any kind of support to "track" in this direction this is exactly what I do....
    and working with creatives for over 30 years......many of whom rise from the very shattered and chaotic spaces....
    Happy to help if you like
    Sian Lindemann
    Life, by Design
    Rock it for 2015

  6. Well I hope to heck you have found what your looking for. I guess I have too.I came following the Picture ou used in the past Blog about your Dreams. How fitting this is for me I guess. Chasing the Beauty in a Picture. It is kinda funny how I see so any beautiful things all in pictures.