Thursday, November 4, 2010

this image represents everything that I love about what i'm working on, and also every bit of apprehension and flash of failure that feels stuck in my eyes like a fuzz i can't get out.

but boy was it great seeing it on the printed page.

also im ready to love, or maybe just like, a man again. when it rains it pours, and my gut knows that quite well.




    Cool drawing. Made me choke on my sushi, though...


    What did you use for the lines?

    Also- the kind of man that would cheat is no man at all. He is a foolish child with no direction or integrity. He cannot really love, but feels that he loves everyone better than anyone ever did.

    Groovy blog :).

  2. i have no talent for drawing - i found it online! i think its an old carving, but very cool indeed

  3. Everything is done for love is beyond good and evil.