Saturday, May 15, 2010

im in the corner, watching you kiss her

i would have "retumbled" this if i used tumblr.

"Wandering Tumblrville, I’ve seen a lot of digital bumper stickers: sage observations and inspirational phrases rendered artistically. College students seem to be using Tumblr as a corkboard, a place to tack these up.

I am not disparaging this practice. I just wonder how helpful a phrase can be when it isn’t in your face all day. As Tumbls accumulate, the sis-boom-bah advice will slip behind the footage of cats playing theremins."

- sasha frere jones

is a genius.


i prefer chalkboards or my hand because some things need to be in your face all of the time. especially personal mantras.

from marilyn manson "i believe in dreams, i believe that every night on the planet everything that is, was and can be is dreamt. i believe that what happens in dreams is no different and no less important than what happens int he waking world. i believe that dreams are the closest equivalent presentday mankind has to time travel. i believe you can visit your past, present and future in dreams. i believe i've dreamt half of my life that hasn't happened yet. i dont believe in chance, accidents, or coincidences. i believe in the Delusional Self, which is to say that I believe tha thte things I talk and think about change the world around me and result in events that appear to be coincidental."

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