Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the week of may 27

the first grid. 16 things i like right now.

1. alex prager, photographer. These photos are crazy good - one day I will buy one, but for now, I'll just have to admire from a far.
2. Anna Wintour's office at Vogue. Holy-picture-frames! (source unknown)
3. Houdini Arm Chair designed by Stefan Diez, 2009. A new take on curved plywood.
4. Diane Kruger's amazing style as of late.
5. Givenchy FW09 ad, by Mert & Marcus. Wonderfully goth.
6. Grey Goose bar, forgot where I saw this, maybe its in London somewhere? I love the geometric walls and the spaceage chairs!
7. Set design backdrop by Gary Card
8. A shot from the Holi festival - the festival of color in India. I would LOVE to someday go to this. An ancient festival in India, entire communities get together to celebrate color! They throw mound of powered pigment at each other while running the streets. The colors are so vividly pure and saturated I love looking at the photos. (photo source unknown)
9. A haunted house. The colors in this photo are eerily beautiful.
10. A Thelonious Monk album cover. Love the type.
11. 1973, Southwest Airlines stewardess uniforms. Gotta love hot pants and lace-up hooker boots!
12. Escher painting.
13. Hugh Hefner wwaaaayyy back.
14. Vintage 60s military Timex watchface. I want to put on of these on a great leather band. Apparently they wind up, and are therefore not the most accurate, but its just so classic.
15. The vulcan salute = new peace sign.
16. Rings! (photo source forgotten)

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