Tuesday, January 27, 2009

its posts like these that keep me coming back

to said the gramophone

"Today is a day of real emotion. If you see me today, we'll probably fall in love. If you cross me today, I might get in my first fist fight. If you even look at me today, we'll have words. I have calm-faced and straight-backed and completely nutritional cabin fever and I'm ready to explode. I can see my house from a satellite, I can see people from my window, I see no one, not a single person from my window, I see memory graveyards online and all the cgi extras in procession. You're going to see me sing and cry and humiliate myself because I haven't said a word in weeks. You're going to see it because I said so, and I might be drunk, but this is a party I wasn't invited to. Today is a day of misplaced swagger and fortune tattle-taling. Of purple nurples and frozen park footprints. Of tapping on windows with the head of a guitar. Wrest slurping from the bottle of classic rock, come Heartless Bastards, clear and clean and high in the mix. Sing it."

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And of course, listen

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