Wednesday, December 31, 2008

versace spring 09

at first i thought these images (from the spring 09 versace campaign) were a play on using sets in photography, and that the water was some sort of trompe l'oeil prop she was leaning on and that layered up with waves behind her.

alas, it was just a glass railing.

But on a different note - these are Versace? Seems everyone is going the safe route this spring. I mean, they chose Moss and Bundchen - possibly the most over-exposed models of the moment (and many moments) and threw them in white dresses on some sort of yacht or oceanside mansion. I know the times are tough, but a little creativity never hurt anyone, right? The gals do look gorgeous of course.

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  1. Its odd because i was just reading that chanel is laying off 200 employees and they are supposed to represent high end luxury fashion? Its interesting to see which labels address the economic downfall instead of shying away from it...engagement versus submission. I mean, coco is the same woman who switched to using jersey as an alternative fabric during wartime depression.

    anyway, in terms of bleh ads, this was also interesting:

    - c.